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We make videos that are used online to share the love of Jesus with people who have faith questions. 

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On a mission to make disciples

Missionaries and believers need videos as they use media in their disciple-making efforts. The videos are used to connect with spiritually open people — first online and then in person. And it's important that they feel local to the context and are in the local language so that people can imagine what it looks like to follow Jesus in their culture.

"Teams are always looking for content. In fact, besides security questions, that's probably the biggest question I get asked."
–Jon Ralls, Media Consultant

Why media and video?

People are searching for all kinds of things online, including answers to some of life’s biggest questions, like, “Who is Jesus?” or “Is the Bible true?”

Missionaries and local believers can meet those seekers there—online—with the truth of the gospel.

This makes media a powerful point of intersection because we know the person on the other end of the connection is open to gospel conversations.

And video is a fundamental part of this approach.

"We need more content," shares Aicha, leader of Media to Movements. "Without content, we can't create ads and without ads, the right message doesn't get in front of the people who God is already preparing. And TWR MOTION is uniquely positioned and poised to be those catalyzers to fill that gap."

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Let's change people's imaginations

Through the videos we create, we want to model that the gospel is for everyone — no matter your culture or language. It can be challenging for people to imagine being a follower of Jesus. That’s why we produce videos that enable people to do just that. We do this by ensuring the art, music and language feel local.

"To be Turkish is to be Muslim, to be Cambodian is to be Buddhist, to be this is to be that," shares Tom Khazoyan, who teaches a course on using media in church planting. "And it is so ingrained in most cultures that you cannot imagine ever being anything different. And if you become something different, you wouldn't be you. Well, that's not true of the gospel."

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Watch the story unfold

We are proudly building on the more than 65-year legacy of TWR (Trans World Radio). Although TWR has traditionally focused on radio, we stepped out in faith as God led us to build a video ministry.

And it’s been an exciting journey! We love creating videos that connect people with Jesus. Our latest documentary is no different. The film shares the true story of how God uses media and reluctant servants to turn the missions world on its head.

Adam, a missionary in North Africa, was one of the reluctant servants. He lives in a country where the government was censoring the internet — big time — until a few years ago. And during that period, he felt God call him to use the internet to share the gospel, which happens to face overt hostility from authorities.

Despite his hesitation, Adam answered the call. He and other missionaries discovered that social media marketing is a gold detector in identifying and connecting with people who are asking faith questions online, like: "Who is Jesus?" or "Is the Bible true?"

Adam's work and this discovery collided with TWR MOTION, changing our approach to ministry forever. It’s a story only God could orchestrate, and it all unfolds in a new documentary we've created.

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