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MOTION's Global Footprint

It all started with a team of church-planters in North Africa inviting us to create a series of animated Bible stories, and the rest is history!

(Watch The Best Possible Idea, a short documentary about the start of digital discipleship.)

Videos in 15+ languages
Used by 46 church-planting teams
Serving in 27 countries
With a potential reach of 429 million people

Where in the world are our videos being watched?

What our partners are saying…

"The video testimonies [He Changed Me] are of incredible value… These video testimonies are not just stories; they are catalysts for change and understanding. God uses them to draw people to himself."

— Director of PALM (Preparing Arab-world Leaders for Ministry)

"One thing we’re really thankful for with working with TWR MOTION is, with a lot of testing in the production or reproduction of this content, it’s so far been well received by a Muslim audience, communicating truth and not diluting biblical truth because we definitely don’t want to do that."

— A church planter in the Middle East

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