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Join The Crew to share the gospel with people seeking the truth in places with limited Bible resources.

Give hope each day by setting up a recurring monthly gift as a commitment to connecting people with Jesus. Your gifts equip missionaries and local believers with videos they can use to connect with people who have faith questions.

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The gospel changes everything.

Not everyone knows the truth of God’s love—how he sent his son, Jesus, to overcome sin and death, making a way for us to have a restored relationship with God. That truth transforms lives from the inside out. It has the power to reconcile families and change communities.

That’s why these videos are important. When shared online they meet people where they already hang out, sharing the truth of the gospel.

You Make It Possible

Videos in 15 languages
2 completed series
1 series in the works
26 teams served
429 million potential reach

Think if this is with one completed series, how much more these new series will do. And donors just like you make it possible. Join the community.

For $0.50 you can share the truth of the gospel with one person who is searching for answers online.

$20 can reach 40 people who are seeking the truth.
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$100 can reach 200 people who are seeking the truth.