Share the Story Series

These 20 animated Bible stories were created to share God's grand story of redemption. The series starts with the creation of world, shares the stories of the prophets and ends with stories of Jesus.

You can watch each episode below in Modern Standard Arabic. For English, turn on the captions.

Old Testament

We developed this with a Muslim audience in mind so it was a natural connecting point to start with the prophets in the Old Testament. Muslims and Christians share an Abrahamic history.

It's an opportunity to start with shared context but incorporate how these stories point to the coming of Jesus and the sacrifice he'll make. So a theme of sacrifice and redemption is weaved throughout the series, starting with these Old Testament stories.

“This is the best video content in this dialect I’ve ever seen. As we’ve been sharing these videos, already we have seen people come to learn, share, and discover the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
–Church Planter in North Africa

New Testament

These are the New Testament stories of Jesus — from his birth to his crucifixion and resurrection on the cross.

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