Meet Noor

He is a 39-year-old man whose name means light. He didn't feel the name fit him because he lived in darkness, struggling against his own sinful desires. Until one day when he met the ultimate light – Jesus.

Watch these episodes to see how he grew in his knowledge of God, his understanding of the church and his relationships.

How can I overcome temptation?

Where does God live?

How can I improve my relationships?

Meet Hajar

She grew up in a conservative Islamic family, reading books about her faith and its practices. But she was troubled by questions that never went away, like why, as a woman, she couldn't have a direct relationship with God.

Watch these episodes to see how she discovered answers and learned how God meets her in her suffering.

Where do I find answers to life's questions?

Where is God in my suffering?

Meet Sanah

Her home country of Iraq went through a terrible trial because of the Islamic State. Sanah's family fled. Many people turned to magic and sorcery to combat this trial.

Watch how Sanah discovered a better solution. She also learns her role in the church and the difference between polytheism and the trinity.

How do I overcome evil?

How can my skills serve the church?

Is there only one God?

Meet Hussam

He is a Syrian whose spiritual journey with Christ began when he went on pilgrimage to Mecca.

While he was performing all the religious rituals, doubt crept into his mind, causing him to ask questions.

Does God keep his promises?

Meet Huda

She suffered at the hands of her brother. He imposed his authority over their home and mother after their father died.

This made it hard for her to understand God as her father.

Is God my father?

Meet Malak

He rebelled against the rules laid out by his religious family and teachers. He considered them restrictions on his freedom.

Yet, even in his rebellion he never felt truly free.

What is true freedom?

Meet Youssif

His leg was paralyzed after the wrong injection was given. The mistake has caused life-long suffering.

Youssif wrestles with how God could let this happen.

How can I forgive?

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