We take the gospel seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.
We are video producers from across the country who relocated to North Carolina because we share a passion to use our God-given gifts to connect people with Jesus.
On any given day, you might find us behind the camera in the studio or in some remote location in an undisclosed corner of the world. Other times you will find us illustrating the next scene in an animated series on our tablets or editing a video together.
If you don’t catch us at our desks, though, we’re likely playing a friendly (and competitive 😉) game of foosball, ping pong or Bananagrams. #workhardplayhard

The MOTION Method

Making Disciples

Producing awesome videos to enhance the local mission of church planters is fun. But the heart of our ministry is to make disciples. After all, that’s the command Jesus gave us in Matthew 28. And it’s one we take seriously.

Keeping Costs Low

Thanks to generous supporters, we’re able to develop high-quality, custom videos at a low cost to church planters. Plus, each member of our team raises his or her own personal support. Our work wouldn’t be possible without this network of financial and prayer partners.

Working Together

Our partners are using media to connect with people who already are online asking questions to some of life’s biggest questions, like “Who is Jesus?” and “Is the Bible true?” They also have follow-up networks that disciple people in person after they’ve made the initial connection online.

Meet the Team

Candace Mackie

Candace loves playing music (she’s a drummer). Cats are her favorite but, ironically, she doesn’t have one. And in her opinion, Harry Potter is the best story ever.
She serves as the director for this crazy team of creatives, keeping the ministry vision on track. She’s also a video producer and designer.
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Kayla Schlipf

Kayla once hoped to become a dolphin trainer, tornado chaser or spy (sometimes it’s best that your dreams don’t come true).
She now works her true dream job as a digital illustrator, animator and occasional artwork painter.
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Andrew Haas

Andrew once stopped shaving for more than a year. It was a bet with his wife about who would get tired of the awesome beard first. (Guess who won?)
As adaptation coordinator, his greatest contributions to MOTION are storytelling strategies, editing and grey hair.
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Rachel Mehlhaff

Rachel once ate durian—king of fruit (read: smelliest)—in exchange for free coffee.
As marketing manager, she develops marketing and communications strategies, generates ideas as well as produces videos.
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Hannah McGurk

Hannah loves photography, art and furry creatures. She once called a trained guard dog her pet.
As an assistant video producer, she illustrates, produces videos and is always quick with a well-timed pop culture reference.
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Kelly Gilbert

Kelly has never had a full cup of coffee in her life. She'd rather have tea, Earl Grey, hot, like her favorite Star Fleet Captain, Jean-Luc Picard.
As a sound engineer, she records, edits and mixes various audio elements, and is an all around loud presence in the office.
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